I received this Tile Doctor enquiry from a customer in the historic market town of Kidderminster who had a Victorian Minton Tiled hallway floor that had been covered in carpet for a long time. The carpet had since been removed and now the floor was fully exposed you could see it was covered in carpet glue and dirty with ingrained grime.

Victorian Minton Tiled Hallway Covered in Carpet Before Restoration Kidderminster

I arranged an appointment to inspect the floor thoroughly and provide a quote; you can never be sure what issues you might find, so surveying the floor first ensures I can give an accurate price. As anticipated the entire floor was covered in thick glue, fortunately apart from a few loose tiles the floor was in good order. I explained to the client the process I would use on the floor and that I was confident the floor could be restored for them. My quote was accepted, and we arranged a date to carry out the work.

Victorian Minton Tiled Hallway Covered in Carpet Before Restoration Kidderminster

I often get customers claiming to have an original Minton Tiled floor however there were many manufacturers creating similar patterns at the end of the 19th century, the only way to be certain is to lift a tile and look to see what’s stamped on the back. In this case we had a few loose ones that needed relaying, so I was able to confirm that quite easily.

Cleaning/Repairing a Victorian Tiled Hallway Floor

I arrived on the booked day and the first step was to tape up the surrounding area to prevent any damage from splashing. I was then ready to tackle the glue. I applied a strong solution of Tile Doctor Remove and Go and covered the floor with industrial cling film to allow the solution to get to work without drying out. The film was removed after an hour and then the Remove and Go was worked into the tiles using a coarse 200-grit milling pad to cut through the glue and resurface the tiles.

Afterwards the floor was rinsed with water and the soil removed with a wet vacuum. Some of the glue proved very stubborn to remove and had to be dealt with carefully by hand using an industrial scraper, sometimes a bit of elbow grease is the only way to get the job done.

The floor was then given an Acid Rinse with Tile Doctor Acid Gel, this is designed to further clean the tiles and counter any efflorescent salts that might be present in the tiles due to the lack of damp proof membrane.

After another rinse and soil removal I turned my attention to the loose tiles which were secured by removing the tile, scraping out the adhesive and re-fixing. The appearance of the floor was much improved after day and the floor was then left overnight to dry out in preparation or the sealing process.

Sealing a Victorian Minton Tiled Hallway Floor

Returning the next day, I first checked the floor was dry using a damp meter. Once I was satisfied it was dry, I started to seal the floor. I had selected to use Tile Doctor Seal and Go Extra for sealing. It adds a richness to the colour of the tiles and a subtle sheen finish. I applied three coats, waiting for each one to dry before applying the next.

Victorian Minton Tiled Hallway Covered in Carpet After Restoration Kidderminster

The pattern on the floor was really nice and the colours were now very vibrant. The client was very pleased and left a great review copied below:

“Our floor wasn’t easy as it had some form of coating on it which was difficult to remove but Mark took a lot of time to ensure the surface was thoroughly clean before the sealant was put down. Very pleased with how it looks. K. B, Kidderminster”

Victorian Minton Tiled Hallway Covered in Carpet After Restoration Kidderminster


Source: Minton Tile Cleaning and Restoration Service in Kidderminster